The Valkyrie, like most other Venator-class star destroyers, was constructed above Kuat, by the Kuat Drive Yards. In 22 BBY, a little while after the clone wars had commenced, the Valkyrie had been completed along with another batch of war-ready Venator-class star destroyers. These had state of the art AI's, like the Valkyrie'sAI Valkyrie, which took some labor off of the naval, so they could be more efficient. A young star of the Republic naval academy, Alastaire Galfridian Merr-Sonn Tycon, was given charge of the vessel shortly after it's construction. Soon after, it was loaded up with battalions and battalions of clone-troopers, eager to fight for the Republic. These Groups varied in proficiency, size, intellect, and strength, but we're all united under the banner of the Galactic Republic. You can find all the information on these groups under the "Republic Military" tab under "Republic". For individual republic character bios, check out the "Clones" tab under the republic for clones and "Republic People" for other bios. If you would like to know the organizations that support the republic go to "Republic Organizations" under the "Republic" Tab.

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