"Prepare for... Unforeseen Consequences."

Blue-Suited Man Edit

Not much is known of this figure, often appearing when seen in the corners of someone's eye, to a location unreachable. Attempts to communicate, or interact with the figure results in him leaving without a trace, presumably disappearing.

Known only as a small Rumor to scare a lowly Private, few have the time to lay eyes upon him, and his presence usually indicates unforeseen consequences in the future, for the person looking. However, he is seen in Anaxes- and the Temple at times, for unknown reasons.

The First Meeting Edit

During early 21 BBY, the Man was seen in the Jedi Temple of Fort Anaxes, walking down the hallway and speaking with a Mon Calamari Jedi, before turning off. Video Footage of the anomaly has vanished, but shows the man with a strange briefcase gripped in his right hand. The Jedi in Question soon left after to Tatooine, remarking the reason as a "hunch" to Jedi clearing his ship for flight.


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