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Marvasa's Marauders or more widely known as the Marauders, is a mercenary group with deep ties to the Cyrillian Protectorate within the Cyrillian Sector. The Marauders have a powerful hunter culture, ranging from savage street gangs, private hit squads, stretching cartels and more. They allegedly have had business and performed tasks for the Black Sun and a number of other crime syndicates. The group's origins remain a mystery to outsiders, but their traditions live through eons and show the group's determination. The current leader of the Marauders at any given time is named Marvasa, in reverence to the Great Marvasa that lived long ago Instead of truly proper militaristic structure and rank, the Marauders follow tradition and a hunter's code. To live and die with the eye of Marvasa watching them hunt. Although they are not entirely embedded with good morals, the Marauders have been recognized as a challenge to the Black Sun and to the Trade Federation. The group has sided with the Republic on the premise of survival and

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