"Tell me something, why do you fight Diamond?"

"I'm not sure myself, Credits? Glory? Sometimes I think I just do it for Fun."

"No, that's not it, your different from these Republic Mercs. Your fighting for something, and it sure isn't for your loyalty to the Jedi Order, your no Anatarian Ranger from the way you treat your Jedi allies."

"I owe the order for what they did from me and my folks back home, but if a Jedi wont respect me, then I wont respect the Jedi. I only show loyalty to those who show it back."

"I see, you are a free thinker I can see, you fight for what you feel is right in your mind?"

"I guess you could say that, I try and look out for the "Little Guy." You know, the ones who get stepped on. Pisses me the hell of when some high and mighty asshole treats everyone else like crap."

"Well, those kind of thought is what I need in my militia. I offer you this role to help bring in end to this war quicker then these clones will. What do say PVT?"

"Sure, Why not? Don't expect me to be licking your damm boots though."

-Justin Diamond speaking with Master Rham Kota and joining his milita as a PVT

Justin Diamond Edit

Justin Diamond was a soldier in Jedi Master Rham Kota's militia during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. After leaving his home world of Rendili, he would join the Jedi Order as an Anatarian Ranger, later joining the Valkyrie Garrison of Republic Mercenaries when the Clone Wars begun. Pairing with several Jedi Knights and Padawans, Diamond would see action on the jungles of Felucia to the crumbling bridges of Mygeeto. With his experience in combat, Diamond would be recruited into Rham Kota's Militia and being soon promoted to 2LT at the time. Along with the rest of Valkyrie Garrison of Republic Mercs, Diamond would soon find himself leaving the cold walls of a Republic Venator to the jungles of Anaxes where he would be found sneaking off from base and setting up a camp of his own during times of boredom and self isolation.

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