Biography: Edit

"Not all of us are the same... but you have failed to realize that." -Osan

Early Life: Edit

Osan Gaprar was born on Mandalore in the year 40-BBY. He was discovered by Jedi Master Mrendin Dal who works as a Jedi Recruiter for the temple on Coruscant. Mrendin went to Mandalore in the year 38-BBY and found young Osan in the household of Chus Gaprar and Mai Feara. Mai was a female Jedi Knight who was exiled from the order. She was later killed by the hands of rival clan members when she was captured. When Master Mrendin Dal showed up Chus and Mai said no but Master Mrendin Dal would later end up taking the child without the parents knowing.

Youngling years: Edit

While Osan was young he had no idea of his background, which was kept from him. When he started training, he showed a fair bit of aggression toward the other students and used his training saber more than the force. He was already proving to be a skilled blade wielder and a powerful force user but did not think before encountering situations.

Padawan years: Edit

Osan completed his padawan trials in the year 29-BBY and has been granted the rank of Jedi Padawan. After he was granted the rank he was assigned to Knight Karn'Tor. Karn'Tor had been given a last shot for the dark things he had done before and used Osan to prove to the council that he would commit to the light. Karn'Tor was a powerful force user and could have taught Osan many things but because of his past he was limited from doing so. Instead he stuck to teaching him how to properly wield a light saber.

During his time as a padawan, Osan kept getting strange visions and feelings through the force and he was not sure what to do. He had visions of people in armor that seemed unfamiliar to him. These people were on an unknown world fighting in heavy combat. Through this vision he watched unfold he felt suffering and anger due to the feelings of people in battle.

Strange Holocron: Edit

On an average day in the temple, Osan had been called to the classroom to share an important message. He met Master Word outside the door. Word stated that they both were alike in many ways and what he was about to witness it not to be taken lightly. They both entered the classroom and once inside Osan saw a holocron sitting on a table. They both sat down and Word said that the holocron contained information only certain people could know. They both began to open the holocron and inside was something very strange. Little did Osan know that this holocron would help him discover both his past and future path.

Osan and Word entered what seemed like another world filled with structures and foliage. Word then stated that all of Osan's questions would be answered here and disappeared. Osan next started to meditate for a while and suddenly a figure in ancient mandalorian armor appeared with a strange saber on his side. The figure called upon Osan and asked how he got here. The figure then asked what he wanted to know. Osan had a strange feeling about the place and the figure. The figure explained how Osan was in Mandalore, before the wars and during the ancient times. The figure stated that he was Tarre Vizsla, the first mandalorian Jedi, and that he would grant any knowledge about Mandalorian-Jedi path he took while serving in the order.

After the long conversation with Vizsla, Word came back and said it was time to leave. Once both Osan and Word were back in the classroom Word urgently said that Osan must not tell anyone about this.

Trip to Mandalore: Edit

Osan's curiosity grew further and further each day now that he had discovered his true self and what his background was. Osan remembered every detail of what happened in the holocron and urged to know more.

The Valkyrie Venator was in Defcon 5 mission preparation and the whole ship was ready to travel through hyperspace. The Venator would be taking a main hyperspace lane to the CIS controlled planet of Felucia to be taking a and setting up a republic base of operations there. While Osan was prepping his star fighter he then thought of an idea that would more than likely get him in trouble with the council but he knew it would be worth it in the end. Osan found out what the coordinates were to jump to Felucia and mistakenly put in the hyperspace coordinates for the planet of Mandalore. When the Valkyrie Venator was ready to jump so was Osan. He fired up his hyper drive and patiently waited for the smaller ships to start jumping and then he would. While in hyperspace he could not be contacted because the ship could not handle long range communication while in hyperspace.
Mandalore (TEA)
After jumping out of hyperspace Osan quickly landed in the space station outside the planet. Next he turned off his ship entirely and made sure no communications would go through. Finally Osan got on the next transport shuttle down to the capital city-dome Sundari. He then sought after information from loyalists and pacifists if they knew where the Gaprar Clan was located. He was then told they were located under sector 12 from a guy who seemed to know his way around the planet. Next he boarded the shuttle again and made his way to sector 12.

Once arriving he saw what looked like a big palace with insignia on it that looked like a calling card he got from Master Dal when he was younger. There were armed guards outside that he kindly asked if this was where house Gaprar was located. The guards acting as if they have never been asked proceeded to ask Osan if he had been followed or if he was here from another clan. He then responded with what his mission was which was to meet the clan leader because Osan had news to bring about the leaders son. The guards checked Osan for weaponry or any form of explosive and escorted him in. Luckily he forgot his light saber in his ship.

When the armed escort arrived to the clan leader one of them approached him and told the leader what was happening and that Osan would wish to speak to him. The Leader then stood up and announced to Osan that he was Chus Gaprar, leader of Clan Gaprar and he wished to know the news regarding his long lost son. Osan approached Chus and said that he wishes to speak to him in private. Chus denying his request demanded to know what the news was. Osan then stated that he was Chus's son and that he after so many years of secrecy from the Jedi, has found out who he was and wanted to learn more. Chus, in shock, didn't know how to respond. He first thought Osan was lying to him and demanded to know the truth. After some convincing Chus finally gave in and realized Osan was his son. Osan explain how he came all this way to learn about himself and who he truly was. He wanted to learn all about the heritage and culture behind him and finally put an end to the secrecy.

After a few hours of talking Osan then arrogantly asked about his mother which Chus regretted to inform Osan that she had been dead for many years. He stated that Osan's mother was a lot like Osan. Chus told him that she died due to an assassin from a rival clan. Osan being shocked wanted to know more about her and Chus told him everything about her and how she had been expelled from the same order he serves today. Osan was curious why and thought it was best to stop talking about her and get back to the here and now.

Verd'goten: Edit

Over the span of two months the Jedi Order thought Osan had been missing and sent parties out to find him. Osan had really been spending time with Clan Gaprar which is where he learned about his culture and heritage. After some time Chus came to Osan and told him about the bloody history of the Mandalorians. How they have been at war for thousands of years and how they have fought against the Jedi. Osan knew about these wars but never from a different point of view. Chus then stated that to be a mandalorian you must fight as one. Next Chus told Osan about his Verd'goten or the warrior trials. Every mandalorian young adult would go through these to be accepted into their clan. Osan would do whatever he could to be fully apart of his clan and to become a full mandalorian.

After many more months the Jedi Order had almost lost hope on Osan and many people gave up searching. While Osan was on mandalore he completed his warrior trials which overall hardened him into what was a true mandalorian. Osan now felt at peace and felt like he could go back to the order without having the need to worry about himself or future because he now saw what it holds.

Leaving Mandalore: Edit

Before Osan left, Chus wanted to give him something. Osan gathering his things would go to his father one last time and spoke of how much appreciated him and his time with the clan. Chus then brought Osan to his quarters and opened the door reviling a full set of Mandalorian armor. Osan couldn't express the amount of joy he felt and finally got to try it on. The armor fit well with a few minor kinks but he could sort it all out later.

Chus then went on to warn Osan about the Jedi Order and how they treated his mother after finding out she would have a child. Chus warned Osan that the Jedi may treat him differently now that he knew his past and his mother. Osan being curious would later research about his mother in the order. Chus then said if he ever got into any trouble with the order that he would be more than welcome to come serve the clan any time. Osan again thanked his clan and father and took off back to the space station to put everything in the cargo hold including the armor and finally took off. Osan sent out a communication to the Jedi temple for their coordinates and jumped back.

Osan was in an unbelievable amount of trouble once he reached the temple. He had to report to the council and state what he did and where he was for all these months. Osan made a partial lie telling them that he had a lead on a black market smuggler on Mandalore where he finally got hold of the situation and took them to the mandalorian authorities. The council knowing of Osan's legacy asked if he found any thing else on mandalore which he then stated what he truly done and how he met his father and he knew who he was. The council then punished Osan by making him serve in the Jedi Temple library on Coruscant for 10 months which was double the time he had been gone.

Knighthood: Edit

After his time serving under the chief librarian at the Coruscant Temple, Jocasta Nu, Osan made his way back to the Valkyrie temple and continued his training. After a few more years of training with many of the temples finest he felt that he had learned enough and started his knight trials. Although tough he completed his trials and was knighted by Grand Master Yoda. He now was able to help the order by training the younger generation and to help out the many branches the order had to offer.

Osan proceeded to join the Jedi Aces branch which served under High Master Amy Evern. Through his time in the Aces he became one of the best pilots and leaders in the temple alone. He went on to create Fighter Squadron-52 which was a well rounded squadron that focused on all areas of combat and transport. He later named them "Mythosaurs."

Osan later joined the Jedi Technician branch serving under High Master Pon. While his time in the technician branch he learned every thing he knew from High Master Pon due to him taking Osan under his wing and teaching him. Osan later went on to create his very own artificial intelligence named M.A.I. that fit his newest suit.

Unfamiliar Ship: Edit

Osan later on was approached by Master Crystal about an under cover mission to Nar Shadda. Osan was asked by Crystal to travel there with a group of other Jedi and Rangers to try and put a stop to a large CIS weapon smuggler and black market trades. Osan accepted the mission and together went to the planet.

Nar Shaddaa.PNG

Once they arrived on planet they quickly went into hiding. All of them later met up in a night club that they found out through many sources was hosting the smuggler and the black market trading. While sitting in smaller groups to try and cover ground some people got caught listening in on conversations about the weapon deals and suddenly the bar was a huge mess. With civilian population there it was harder for the Jedi to react but soon enough the group was surrounded by the clubs security droids and bouncers.

The group quickly left in a hurry only to find out their ship had been destroyed by the club brutes. Osan saw an old Firespray-31 sitting in an empty lot and ran over to it only to find it had been abandoned. Osan and the group got in a took off in such a hurry the club members had no time to react.

Osan didn't know how to fly it but it seemed similar to another ship he previously had to fly for a senator transport. He quickly learned the controls and made their way to the temple and got everyone out safely. He then put the ship in storage to be later used as his personal ship.

The Warben Incident: Edit

Osan got a message to come to the temple hangar to meet up with a dangerous prisoner escort. Once arrived a lady by the name of Elegia Warben stepped out in cuffs and surrounded by shock troopers. As soon as they got out one of the troopers looked at Elegia and dropped dead to the ground. Osan quickly ran over and took her into the prisoner cells for questioning.

After spending many of months with Elegia Warben, Osan found very little progress and handed over the investigation to Master Plo Koon. Soon after he did this, Elegia escaped the Jedi Temple to only be found later causing trouble for the Jedi Order.

The Search For Noah: Edit

After weeks of noticing Master Noah's absents, Osan finally had enough and took it into his own hands. He had no idea where to start so asked around the temple and found out that his ship was still docked in the lower hangars. He soon went there and found "The Integrity" which was Master Noah's ship. He went inside for a quick search for anything that would help, but nothing would seem out of the ordinary. Osan then went to the cockpit and saw a blinking button that turned on the ships A.I. which then greeted Osan. He asked the A.I.

Dynamic-class freighter SotG

if there had been any sign of Master Noah but there hadn't been so the ship gave the coordinates of his last known location. Osan then got the ship fired up and took off to the cold planet of Muuth.

After arriving he camped out on the planet surface for a couple days and finally couldn't take it any longer. He was attacked by many creatures called Muuthians and had to get away. He stumbled across a cave entrance where he found an old icy camp with a light saber and an old cyan colored crystal. There was a cage suspended above a statue that contained a strange individual. The statue contained an ancient text that read, "One who wishes the knowledge, must first light the spark." After pondering at it for a minute Osan took the crystal and inserted it into a spot where he saw an opening on the statue.

The room then lit up and the cage broke open. The figure floated down to the ground and stood there looking at Osan. He greeted the figure and the figure wanted to know how he figured out the riddle. Osan responded and then asked if he knew anyone that stayed here last. The figure stated that a man named Vohirus Dohn had been last been there with another ill bodied person with him. Osan then went back to the temple to search for the persons name on any records from the temple.

Attack while gone: Edit

While Osan was away on a mission to search for Master Noah, an attack happened on the temple. A man searching for Osan rigged the temple to explode and requested for Osan. A group of Advanced Recon Commandos disarmed the bombs but they man got away giving little information due to a one way transmission that had been cut.

Osan later arrived and questioned what happened. After finding out he ordered for the man to be tracked. He disobeyed naval orders and got them to track the hyperspace coordinates. He then took off after him. This aggravated him very much to the point of anger because others could have died and he couldn't do anything about it.

Upgrade on Mustafar: Edit

Osan took a trip to Mandalore once more to go to the mining moon of Concordia. He traveled all this way to make a brand new suit of armor that was more advanced and stronger than the one his father gave him. Concordia was known for having many abandon mines which still might have had raw beskar in

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them. He first needed an old forgery to smelt the raw material and shape it into the armor. Osan found an old temple like structure with many old mining facilities inside. He spent the next couple months revamping the old temple to make it a full base with working smelters.

After the revamp of the base Osan soon started working on a new set of mandalorian armor. The armor would be made of beskar making it strong against blaster bolts and could stop light sabers for a short time.

Hunters Wishes: Edit

After countless attacks on the temple Osan had enough and gave the hunter his wishes. Osan went to the planet of Nar Shadda and waited in a local bar. With him he brought a fellow Mandalorain named Rendar Cuul that would be crucial part to his plan.

Osan sat in the bar with his new armor on. He then signaled Rendar across the street to fire at the beskar plated helmet he was wearing. Rendar took the shot hoping he wouldn't kill him. Next the shot pinged off the helmet forcing Osan to the counter and everyone would run out screaming. At this time Rendar would make his daring escape from the sector to later meet with Osan. Osan recovering from the headache switch his body with a fake body double wearing his old mandalorian armor and he got out.

When authorities arrived they brought the news crews. It was later announced that Jedi Knight Osan Gaprar was dead. The temple and everyone he knew would be shocked. Osan then took a trick he learned from Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and shaved his head, wore new clothes, and posed as another Jedi Knight within the order named Gerald Toff.

Osan's hunter soon would have given up. The hunter wanted to kill Osan because he was gifted with the force. He thought if he killed the mandalorain jedi then he would have achieved greatness within his clan and be brought forward as one of the greats.

Swarming Cicadas: Edit

The temple over the course of a week kept getting distress calls from many republic stations. The council would send Jedi to find out what happened but they came back empty handed. Osan disguised as Gerald Toff heard of an incoming fleet approaching and he knew it was the time to come out of hiding.

Osan would take a ship to Mandalore once more to ready for the nearing fight. Next he would talk to his father about the attack and he granted the use of a flagship named "The Galactic Front" which was complete with a fully operational crew. Now the entire ship waited for the moment of the attack.

Another week went by and the temple was on high alert along with the Valkyrie Venator. Finally, ships of all different sizes jumped into the air space and commenced their attack. At this time Osan got a distress signal

Republic fleet

from the temple asking for help. Osan then had the cruiser hyperspace to the temples location and help the Valkyrie Fleet.

Hours of fighting went on. Never ending waves of ships kept coming. No one thought it was ever going to end. Finally a message was sent from one of the enemy vessels asking for the republic fleet to surrender or be annihilated. The masters of the temple questioned who they were and why they have tormented the republic for so long. The captain explained that all three of the groups formed together to create this massive fleet they called Cicada. He announced how he hated the Jedi and that they are pests of the galaxy and how they all should suffer from this war. The master then denied the request which angered the ship captain.

Soon another fleet would jump out of hyperspace. This time it was a republic fleet named Orion. They had been called to help the Valkyrie fleet which at that time turned the course of the battle. Now the enemy ships started to fall one by one with one of the ships escaping. Finally the battle had been won.

Death to the Queen: Edit

The Valkyrie Venator was dispatched to a nearby fleet that had sent an S.O.S. signal going out to any nearby ships. Once arrived the Valkyrie troops landed in the main hangar of the ship and were met with Separatist battle droids. The troops proceeded to clear the ship of battle droids. After wiping out the droids, command informed the troops that the ship was infected with the Black Wing Virus which has spread through the entire ship.

The troopers had made their way to the ships air traffic control center and found the elevators to the bridge, engine room, and Jedi temple along with all of the controls for the lock down procedures, some of which were broken. At this time communications with command were lost as the ship strangely jumped into hyperspace. The troopers managed to unlock the bridge and engine room which inside they found savar eggs meaning there was a queen nearby. With the news of the savar troopers started to disappear left and right. After some time trying to combat the B-class Savar the troops managed to take it down which then angered the queen. She came out from hiding and started to hunt the troopers. She then announced that if she got her children back that she would leave them alone and let them leave, but they were all destroyed.

Alien queen

The troopers tried everything to combat the queen but nothing worked so Osan and High Master Anchor tried to come up with a plan to take it down. The queen then popped out of the vent again and lunged at Osan grabbing him and attempted to swallow him. Osan being half way down the creatures throat ignited his light saber and slashed through the innards of the creature. The creature then fell to the ground and Osan cut his way out of the creatures stomach. The only way he survived is because of his armor being strong enough to withstand the pressure and the acidic innards. If a few more seconds would have passed Osan would have died.

With the queen dead the ship finally made it out of hyperspace which then command contacted troops wondering what happened to the savar and if all of them had been eliminated. At this time Osan's kyber crystal started to heat up and was coated in a black ooze from the creature. Osan reported to command that he had killed the queen and that something weird was happening to his light saber. Command then informed that High Master Oro of the Valkyrie Fleet needed to speak with him in the bridge after he returned to the venator.

After returning to ship Osan made his way to the left bridge of the venator and met with the High Master. The high master then informed Osan that his kyber crystal had been corrupted and that there was unfortunately no way of healing it back to normal. The saber however would work like normal just with a darkened core from the strange corruption.

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Equipment: Edit

Mandalorain Armor: Osan had acquired a large amount of beskar over the course of many years. He then went to Mandalore to forge his own armor.

Lightsaber: Osan would be trained in many forms of lightsaber combat. This includes most forms and stances using other saber variants and using both to his advantage to throw his enemy of guard.

Wrist Mounted Gadgets: After forming his armor, Osan had his gauntlets made to hold two wrist mounted gadgets. He would equip a small blaster on his right wrist to fire a small, semi-lethal, dart to stun enemies and take out droids. He also had a fibercord whip on the left wrist that would help him rope in criminals and opponents when the time was right.

Relationships: Edit


A troublesome master that taught Osan how to become a great duelist. He also taught Osan the way of the force and many ideologies about the Jedi.

Amy Evern:

She always disliked Mandalorians and saw them as a horrible people. When she found out Osan was mandalorian she strongly disagreed with him being in the order.


Ponshu helped Osan with is star fighter by helping him find parts and building the fighter during off time when training was not taking place. Osan then went on to impress her with his piloting skills making him one of her best ace pilots.


Word helped Osan discover more about himself and the Mandalorains. Without Word, Osan would have never of known what to do about the visions and the strange feelings he had about them.


He was always around when Osan needed him. He went on to help Osan along the way when he came across hard times in his life.


After the discovery of RC-1310 due to the Warben incident, Osan took interest in the clone. He believed that they share many of the same ideas and believes about the Jedi and republic as a whole. Although they do not talk much Osan sensed they shared a connection in some way of which he did not know. Osan then went on to find out more about this clone through recent studies on the prisoner Warben.

Elegia Warben:

She caused many problems in Osan's life including the escape of the temple and the capture of Noah.

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