Early Life Edit

Maple was born on the planet Alderaan in a small city surrounded by a snowy forest with large trees know as Maple trees witch he parents named him after.

his family were great blacksmiths that would make many things for the galaxy and they were highly respected by all

he was found to be force sensitive by knight Kator who was at his family's store. when he say maple lifting some of the ingots in the air he explained to his parents that there child had a gift. they knew about the Jedi so they knew they had to let him go, kator brought him back to the Jedi Temple that day to begin his journey as a Jedi

not much more is know about his years before the jedi

Youngling Years Edit

During his years as a youngling he had a great interest in the jedi star fighters and lightsabers, he learned everything he possibly could on lightsabers and the star fighters

finally when it was his time to go on the gathering he had lots of trouble finding his crystal, he searched for hours but never found anything then just as he gave up the floor broke underneath him and he fell down a hole. at the end of the hole there was a tunnel with a bright light at the end he knew this must be his crystal

once it was time to build his lightsaber he constructed a lightsaber never seen before at the top of the hilt there were 3 emitters the main one and 2 more that with the blades ignited formed a circle this was based off the only weapon he remembers his parents making

Padawan Years Edit

He became Padawan to knight Varxi and served in the 327th Star corps

Becoming Artisan Edit

he was always amazed by lightsabers so when he had the chance to be the one who makes them he jumped on it. he crafted many sabers all were masterpieces, he always enjoyed making the lightsabers for the people of the temple and became well known for his work

Knight Years Edit

Apon completing his trials he continued to serve in the 327th star corps and took on his own padawan Nova

he became a lightsaber instructor at this time as well

Becoming Lead Artisan Edit

his work in making lightsabers took notice by the council and the granted him lead artisan he went on to create many more great lightsabers. by the time this happened he had so much knowledge on the lightsaber he could craft any form of one no matter how crazy the idea may seem. he also found a way to be able to modify a lightsaber too be able to connect to each other forming a saber staff

After a while Maple was removed from the position of lead artisan when some changes with the branch were happening and the council felt he couldn't make the necessary so he started to focus on honing his skills in lightsaber combat and work within lightsaber Instructors

Master Years Edit

Maple reached the rank of master at the age of 35 and not long after became a battlelord under the Battlemaster at the time Jaelyn. Jaelyn would go on to help him become a better duelist and learn all the forms known to the order, he would go on to learn as mush about dueling from Jaelyn and would become very proficient in saber combat

[Most of the next information has been corrupted]

Becoming the Battlemaster Edit

After the sad Departure of jaelyn maple was appointed as the battlemaster and is the current standing battlemaster as of the moment.

Becoming a member of the High Council Edit

Maple was appointed onto the High Council at the Age of 39

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