"You Should Really Grow a sense of Humor Brawn."

"Clones weren't made to work in comedy, General."

"You know, just once, before I become one with the Force, give me at least a little smile?"

-Crystal and Clone Commander Brawn

Crystal was a Mon Calamari Jedi who served the Jedi order and the Republic during the days of the Clone Wars. He studied under the guidance of Jedi Master Frost, leading him to the rank of Master at the start of the Clone Wars where he served in the Jedi strike team to Geonosis. He would become a Jedi General, leading the clones of the 224th Armored Division, otherwise known as the 224th Mud Jumpers, along side Clone Commander Brawn. During this time he would be stationed on Mimban for a majority of his time, defending the world from Separatist Invasion.

After a battle with massive causalities of his men, he would step down from his role as a general and seek peace with himself at the Archives Training Academy, becoming the rank of Temple Keeper after the loss of the previous Keeper, Sage Liam. He would later resign from the position and become a member of the Anaxes Council at the Temple of Anaxes. During The Battle of Mimban, Darth Sidious would execute Order 66, wherein Crystal would escape from his former clone allies. He would return to Coruscant after hearing of the Jedi Temple Beacon, calling all remaining Jedi to return to the temple. He would be surrounded and executed by members of the 501st Legion at the entrance of the temple.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Crystal was born on the planet Mon Cal to a loving mother and father. He would eventually be discovered to be Force sensitive and taken in as a Jedi Youngling in the Jedi Order.

Life as a Youngling Edit

Crystal would be taught the ways of the Force at a young age on the Republic world of Coruscant in the Jedi Temple. He would be inducted into the Youngling clan, Bird Clan for his training and group assignments. Soon his clan would travel to the world of Ilum where Crystal would locate and form a bond to his Kyber Crystal for his first lightsaber.

Crystal would follow guidance of a member of the order named Sage Liam who would guide him and test him through his Padawan Trails. With almost all questions answered right, Crystal would be granted the rank of Padawan and assigned to, at the time, Battlemaster Frost.

Padawan In Training Edit

During his time as a Padawan, Crystal was under the guidance of Battlemaster Frost. During the time, Master Frost would grow busy with his responsibilities as both a member of the Jedi Shadow branch as well as being the leader of Jedi Lightsaber Instructors, meaning he was too busy to educate Crystal in the ways of a Jedi. This would lead Crystal to both teach himself, as well as seek others in guidance of the Force. Crystal would be taken under the wing of Jedi Master Pon who would spark Crystal's interest in starfighters and other forms of technology, as well as develop his sense of humor.

Crystal with the help of Pon would develop a starfighter of his own. He created a yellow and orange painted version of a Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, a starfighter used prominently by member of the Jedi Order. Crystal would name the ship "The Sunburst-1" to coincide with Master Pon's fighter "The Rising Sun." Together, the fighters were giving the group name "The Twin Suns" during assignments together.

Hunted Edit

"And what better payback for killing my son, than fried fish...."

-A bounty hunter reading a letter sent to Crystal by Jek Sadova

During a mission to investigate corruption on the Republic world of Carida, Crystal and several other Jedi would discover the criminal organization The Black Sun was operating on Carida in a attempt to make a form of profit from the world. This would lead to a small skirmish between the Jedi Order and The Black Sun's Mercenaries, where during the fight, Crystal would kill a young man named Elom Fanara in self defense. This Fallen was the son of Black Sun ruling council member Jek Sadova, who would mourn his son's death at the hand of the Padawan Crystal.

After the fight, Crystal would return to The Archives Training Academy where a bounty hunter sent by Jek Sadova arrived to deliver Crystal a message regarding Elom Fanara's death and the bounty on Crystal's head. This would lead to a small fight in the temple with the bounty hunter using a wrist mounted flamethrower with Crystal running from the hunter. At the last moment before the final blow could be stuck to Crystal, Jedi Master Frost would stab the hunter in his back, killing him in a instant. Later on not many bounty hunters would attempt to claim the bounty on Crystal, however the bounty would be on his head even until his final moments at the end of The Clone Wars.

First Encounter With The Dark Side Edit

"P-Padawan? No! Im a Jedi Master! A-And I will defeat you!"

"Whatever you say, Child....."

-Crystal and an Unknown Dark Jedi


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