Haidoral Prime was a Mid Rim planet in the Haidoral System of the the Terr'skiar Sector. After the fall of Mandolore The Ultimate, a small Mandolorian clan in the days of the Old Republic would locate this planet, taking it as their own. After discovering mines of the Mandolorian Steel, Beskar, the group would create a Mandolorian clan on planet. Naming the clan after the mandolorian steel they had been honored enough to had found. Clan Baskeen would form their own Mandolorian Faction on planet, establishing a base of operations and living of the world, protecting it from future invaders.

Soon a new faction would emerge from the core worlds, with a group of Humans establishing a settlement on planet. Unlike most they did no openly attack Clan Baskeen, leading to only minor conflict between the two groups over territory. Soon a ex member of the Jedi Order would soon come across the planet, helping establish a agreement between the two factions to share the planet equally.

After establishing a government in the form of the Haidoral Administration, the Hairdoral would elect a Chairman to lead it's people as it worked with the mandolorians who protected the people. This way of life would go on for centuries until the days of the Clone Wars as the Newly Elected Chairman Jar Zed would gradually lose the respect from Clan Baskeen as he's policies begins to treat the Mandolorian people on planet as unequal to the Haidoral People, as they slowly were pushed out of Political affairs, such as the joining of the Republic in the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars, Haidoral Prime would fall in the hands of the Galactic Empire, following the Fall of the Republic and the Jedi Order.

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