Jedi Youngling/Padawan Edit

The location and time of the Jedi Order's finding of Gallus are unknown and currently have no records. The earliest document in the archives simply state when he was initially inducted into the Order. During his first mission as a youngling he was brought to the planet of Lok where he was first exposed to war. This initially was a traumatic experience for him, but he had been able to suppress the feelings it had brought. During his initial beginnings as a youngling and then a padawan, Gallus had almost immediately gained an affinity for the art of lightsaber combat. Later, Grand Master of the Order, Yoda would take him in as a student and begin to teach him the ways of the force.

Jedi Knight Edit

After passing his Knight Trials without fail, he decided to immediately join the Guardian branch of the Order. He knew his skills relied heavily on combat and protecting others through "aggressive negotiations". After many battles, Gallus had decided to lead the 21st Galactic Marines for a few cycles. And eventually with his padawan, Temp. One battle after another he had charged along side the 21st until he noticed there weren't many names he recognized anymore. Most of them who were there when he had first joined had either been sent to other battalions or were killed on the battlefield. Choosing to leave he had dedicated more of his time to the Order and less to the Republic. Proving that he was a skilled duelist to the Masters of the Order, they had high hopes for him to become one. What no one had realized that there was something building in him... not hatred, but instead boredom.

"I regret to inform you, I was only putting in 40% of my full efforts into this fight."-Gallus Orellio

Battlelord (Saber Instructor) Edit

After becoming a master he had been promoted to the position of Battlelord. This allowed him to dedicate most of his time studying the art of saber combat and teaching it to the rest of the Jedi Order how to duel and use other sabers. With the rest of his life planned out and the War not providing a sense of fear, the boredom began to rise within him. With this constant sense of no challenges to take, he will begin to search where no Jedi should go.

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