Head Authors [closed] HA's are responsible for overseeing the whole wiki making sure team members are doing their job and that the wiki is up to date. Marks & Murf

Lore Team [Open] LT's are in charge of making sure every custom made story or established SW lore is correct and fits in the SW universe. Forty One

Story Team [Open] ST's are in charge of putting custom made stories for players and EP's on the wiki as well as other story items. Forty One

Moderator Team [Open] MT's are responsible for monitoring the wiki for any vulgar language or inappropriate material posted by users. They enforce the wiki rules and protect against spam. This team is also in charge of making sure any article is some what readable and is not seriousness. Moderators may also fix any mistakes that they notice in wiki's. This rank is the first rank you must start at if you are not EP.

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