" The Council gets smaller evyerday! " - Elegia Warben on Muuth on open comms.

Elegia WarbenEdit

Jedi Master Elegia Warben was a Jedi Master who led 10th Legion alongside Commander Cards during the beginning of the clone wars, according to Jedi and Republic archives.

Captured Edit

Elegia Warben was captured and placed in prison aboard a Jedi Temple. When she was their she met the likes of Osan Gaprar, Plo Koon, And Sage Noah. She didn't like the cell, it was always too crammed for her. She felt that she would escape before a storm. She layed low for months until a strange sole would enter the temple.

Escape Edit

When Sholdon, a captured force user on Nar Shadaa, came onto the temple, Elegia communicated with him through her "Force Connection" where she opens a gateway for two to talk to each-other through their minds. Sholdon was hopeful the Jedi would set him free, but when they didn't, just as Elegia predicted, he joined her side and plan to escape. They would lure as many people out of the brig as possible and corrupt a ranger. Elegia tried to corrupt Ranger Tommy, but he wasn't smart enough to carry out the task. Sholdon used a force mind trick on Ranger Tracyn and Elegia lent him some of her force power to manipulate him to their will. He set bombs in the grandmasters room as a distraction and released the prisoners. She escaped in Battlemaster Deno's starfighter while Sholdon escaped with a parked ARC-170.


a card of, presumably, Elegia Warben

The Great Game Edit

Elegia bides her time and has recently send a bucket of cards to the jedi order. She may have begun recruiting allies, and playing games, already...

Relationships Edit

Commander Cards Edit

She finds him interesting and oddly familiar. Likes his name cards, as she does like cards.

Osan Gaprar Edit

Finds him funny and one of the better Jedi, even though he is very serious, she likes to poke fun at him.

Jedi Crystal* Edit

Makes fun of him for being a "fish man"

Sholdon Edit

Very happy with his force ability and wants him to learn more, and treat him better than price did to her.

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