The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), also known as the Separatist Alliance, the Separatist State, and commonly referred to as the Separatists, is an unrecognized, galactic, democratic, and confederate government that existed during the Clone Wars. In addition to the secret support of several mega corporations, including the Trade Federation and the Commerce Guild, the Confederacy was formed by thousands of secessionist star systems on the grounds of excessive taxation and corruption within the Galactic Senate. The secessionist movement that began in 24 BBY would lead to a political crisis in which tensions escalated between the newly-formed alliance and the reigning Galactic Republic . In 22 BBY, the Separatists and the Republic went to war using their respective military forces—the Separatist Droid Army and the Republic clone army—resulting in a pan-galactic conflict for the first time in a millennium.

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