"It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness."

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Clark James Lyon was born on Naboo as the heir to a very rich family. The Jedi discovered his raw force potential when executives on the plant heard reports of a baby lifting a small pebble off the ground with no hands during playtime. The Jedi rushed to Naboo stating he must start his new life at the Jedi temple before he forms any sort of attachment. All though his parents were very against the Republic and the Jedi Order they agreed that it was best for him.

Youngling Life Edit

When Clark arrived at the Jedi temple he was about 4 years old. He was put into his initially Jedi Arts Classes at the age of 6. Clark was always a quiet boy, he never acted out or made any problems during his time as a Jedi youngling. At the age of 16 after putting all of his life into learning about the Jedi order he was ready for his gathering. A ritual that has been apart of the Jedi Order for thousands of years.

The Gathering Edit

On the day of Clark's Gathering, he arrived outside of the Jedi Temple awaiting his other Jedi Youngling companions and the Padawan that would be guiding them. When everyone else arrived Padwan Pok was guiding us. Once on Illum we greeted Master Yoda near the entrance to the crystal cave. Inside the cave, Clark could sense his crystal from the moment he stepped in. He informed the rest of the group that he was going to look for his crystal. After running around for a couple of minutes Clark stopped in a room that was very dark. He noticed a green light coming from the back of the room. He grabbed his crystal and ran back to Yoda completing his gathering.

Padawan Life Edit

As a Padawan Clark was beginning to understand the ways of the Jedi. He was learning new forms and progressing his ability in the force. As a padawan, Clark was very willing to learn anything he could. He quickly joined a few Jedi branches, including Aces, Healers, and Technician. Clark's Master, Master Noah was a blind Jedi who took Clark as a padawan and decided to teach him the ways of the force. Noah trained Clark in almost all of his force abilities. He taught Clark how to deepen his connection to the force to be able to use it better in any situation.

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