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Mortarion Aragram was an Ailonian Corporal that commanded Behemoth Company's first battle section Carnifex. Mortarion was appointed a position in the Valkyrie Mercenary Garrison commanding the Nova Guard transfer unit there until he'd take command of the garrison itself and having some time to learn more about the galactic crime underworld. Unfortunately Mortarion's command was short due to complications with the Bounty Hunter's Guild, the base operations security at the time and betrayal in the garrison itself. Mortarion would be extradited to Ailon and pardoned, due to a lack of evidence provided to the Ailon Marshalate. Shortly after a brief disappearance from the public he would leave the Nova Guard and live independently, although still serving Ailon on short term contracts with Carnifex Section under Behemoth Company.

Mortarion would go on to live through the Imperial Era, defeating King Satyr Azzlectico and being one of the pivotal tactical advisors during the Sundering of Slession. He along with the entirety of the Ailon Nova Guard would support the New Republic in destroying what was left of the Imperial Remnant, until years later Ailon would finally declare itself neutral during the First-Order-New-Republic cold war. Mortarion would continue taking jobs with his now independent battle section given by the New-Republic for colonial law-enforcement until Hosnian Prime was destroyed by Starkiller Base. Financial exchange records and reports from battle section Carnifex ceased after, Mortarion presumed to have returned home to Ailon.

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Early lifeEdit

Mortation Aragram was born 120 BBY on Ailon, raised in a massive family of 84 siblings. His father and mother were senior instructors for dozens of battle sections in the Ailon Nova Guard and a majority of his older siblings joined as Guardsmen. His parents were semi-present among the family, but the overwhelming amount of his siblings allowed their family to happily flourish in Ailon's economy. They lived in the northern hemisphere, where Mortarion and his younger siblings would play in the snow. Raised and surrounded by propaganda and family love, he grew up with a healthy though typical Ailonian zealous mindset to join the Ailon Nova Guard alongside his siblings. He would receive three years of combat training, and take his first 10 year contract guardsman tour. The first unit he would join would be battle section 34 Lictor of Kraken Company. His callsign became Lictor-12.

Guardsman's TourEdit

Mortarion Aragram would gain an incredible amount of experience being a guardsman for the Nova Guard.

Ailon Academy of War LogisticsEdit

He would attend the advanced academy for war logistics and tactics.

Valkyrie BattlegroupEdit

He would become leader of Carnifex Section and be hired by the Valkyrie Battlegroup in its mercenary garrison.

10 Years as a GuardsmanEdit

Slaan Nesh Syndicate, 101 BBYEdit

Battle section Lictor and several other battle sections from Kraken Company were hired by the Trade Federation as a gift to the Spiverelda government of Ando to hunt down and defeat the slave-trading Slaan Nesh Syndicate. The Aqualish colonists in the Lambda sector were constantly raided and many were enslaved to be brought into hedonist rings on a still unidentified world. During this time, Mortarion was a standard infantry guardsman who had three brothers and a sister in his battle section. The Nova Guard made their head quarters on Andosha II, in the city Andobi Exa, where Mortarion and his siblings with battle section Lictor would meet their first contact with the Slaan Nesh Syndicate. The Harch, Aqualish and Clawdite were a sudden surprise to the Nova Guard of whom were being ordered by their commanding corporal to charge the collection of militant criminals directly through their gunfire. Mortarion along with his siblings followed orders, quick to move with their spears pointed forward and their pistols firing off. Mortarion and his siblings were taken off the ground by an explosive, battle section Lictor continuing to charge the enemy position. Half of battle section Lictor was  slaughtered, including Mortarion's brother and his sister declared missing in action when her body could not be found from the explosion. Mortarion and his brother were given medical attention as needed, but luckily for the two their armor had protected them. Later, they were informed that a Clawdite killed the commanding corporal and mimicked his voice. Mortarion felt his heart sank. 

It would be nearly half a standard galactic year before he would re-enter combat after physical therapy. Battle section Lictor had been reinforced and several other battle sections joined the campaign, with a minimal payment for supplies. Mortarion and his brother would be redeployed on one of the newest colonies, Horos, which was believed to be where the Slaan Nesh Syndicate was based. Credit given to the intelligence gathering of the Nova Guard and the Spiverelda, the Slaan Nesh Syndicate was discovered with their own collection of smaller though armed settlements. Further intelligence gathering revealed these locations were centers for the organization's exported slaves, and the Nova Guard were quick to action.Over the span of two years the Nova Guard were in battle with the Slaan Nesh Syndicate, Mortarion given no contact to his family on Ailon and having his brother, Mordesh Aragram, with him always. He felt anxiety without his younger brother, who would constantly comfort Mortarion before they would go into a firefight. Battle section Lictor was sent to one of the primary settlements for a critical mission to eliminate Slaan Nesh Syndicate leaders having an announced party to mock the Nova Guard. The assault that responded was sudden and overwhelmed the security established by the Syndicate leaders, which were flattened by the blitzing tactics of the Nova Guard.

Battle section Lictor was able to move into the main compound, Mortarion moving with his brother to clear out one of the lounge areas of Slaan Nesh Syndicate guards. The two did not find any guards, only slaves left over from the celebrating. Several of them were deceased, having overdosed either out of fear that the Nova Guard would kill them, and if they didn't, their masters would. Among them however, was Mortarion's sister. He felt his gut tighten and his mouth burst out his breakfast onto the marble ground. She had several cybernetic implants grafted into her skull, rendering her a droid. Mortarion and his brother realized she was on the brink of life, one of the overdosed victims. With a great pain, they pricked her with their neuro-toxin laced spears to let her rest instantly and painlessly. She would be returned home, without the implants, Mortarion and his brother given one galactic standard week of relief before they would be redeployed for another mission.

The Nurglen Bio-Terror Chaos, 98 BBYEdit

Mortarion and his brother would be deployed with the entire Kraken Company on Bakura, who agreed to pay the Ailon Nova Guard whatever they wished after dealing with the H'Lokk Consortium's accidental

Khor Noth WarEdit

Tch Tzeen-9 CoupEdit

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