- Nino addressing the 212th Attack Battalion during a charge at the First Battle of Geonosis

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CT-7997, commonly known as "Nino", was a clone trooper created by the Galactic Republic on the storm planet of Kamino.

He was assigned to the 212th Attack Battalion under command of CC-2224 Cody, conducting airborne operations and training for the battalion. Nino eventually was meritoriously promoted to Attack Regimental Commander for his leadership, advising the attack battalions aboard the Valkyrie Venator before giving the infamous Order Pepperoni, which was an infamous summary execution of a trandoshian POW and the Coruscant Guards responsible for his protection, resulting in his ultimate demotion and exile.

Equipment Edit

CT-7997 Nino dons a set of customized phase two, orange colored paratrooper armor allowing him to conduct high-altitude drops, as well as a jet pack for assaulting enemy positions.

Nino is also equipped with with a standard issue DC-15a rifle, who he affectionately refers to as, “Peacekeeper”, and a DC-17 pistol which has been rumored to swiftly execute numerous traitors, deserters, and prisoners of the Galactic Republic.

Other equipment such as a survival pack, ammunition bandoleers, and thermal detonators have also been used by the trooper.

Biography Edit

CT-7997, like all other clone troopers was born on the planet of Kamino and trained as a soldier to serve the Galactic Republic. Nino was slightly shorter than most clones, possibly as the result of early development. After serving a deployment in the 101st Hawkbat Company as a rifleman, he was assigned to the 212th Attack Battalion as a medic, forming a strong bond with the troopers of the battalion. Nino qualified for transfer into the 2nd Airborne of the 212th Attack Battalion, Parjai Squad. Nino eventually was promoted to sergeant, tasked with leading a squad.

As a sergeant, Nino led numerous assaults across the galaxy and served as an enlisted adviser for Commander Cody, assisting in airborne and infantry tactics training.

During their first aerial insertion, the 2nd Airborne became surrounded by CIS forces after their LAAT was shot down by an enemy anti-air artillery battery. Against all odds, the 212th sought shelter in an abandoned warehouse on top of a ridge line, Sergeant Nino established firing positions on the roof and windows, as well as set up a casualty treatment point in the basement of the building. Lance Corporal Sean provided aid to the wounded troopers, and is responsible for saving many lives during the battle. As the 212th held their position, elements of the 501st Legion and 327th Star Corps advanced from the east, providing much needed support, and effectively cut the confederacy assault in half. By the time friendly forces from the east relieved the 212th from their defense, over half of the 2nd Airborne lay dead in the smoldering remains of the warehouse. The surviving clones carried their wounded and dead out of the wreckage into arriving LAATs. In honor of the fallen 212th, Sergeant Nino drew a tick mark for each fallen comrade with their blood on his chest plate. Due to the extensive casualties and example of leadership demonstrated from the battle on the ridge, Nino was field promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant by Commander Cody.

During the infamous Battle of Bunker 5, Nino was on Coruscaunt receiving officer training to be promoted to the rank of Captain, and commanding officer of 2nd Airborne Battalion. Upon hearing word of the battle, Nino immediately returned to the Valkyrie Venator to award and congratulate the 212th that staged the heroic last stand.

Nino soon began to grow bitter against the admirals and senators of the Valkyrie Venator, due to their lack of understanding and connection with the clones, specifically the 212th Attack Battalion, deeming their tactics "unconventional", and "reckless". While the 212th suffered countless loses as the galactic campaign continued, Nino resented the navy for their comments, believing they had no say in the matter since they did not have to face the horrors of combat, and instead moved the troopers around like pawns from the comfort of a command deck. This mindset resulted in Nino frequently ignoring what he deemed unlawful orders and confronting naval staff, leading to many public disagreements.

CT-7997's Relationship with Respective Battalions/Personnel. Edit

Overall, Nino gave respect to clones and Jedi that distinguished themselves through overall merit, trust, and bravery. He believes that there is no greater bond than the one formed in the heat of combat, and there is no greater honor than dying for one's brother. Although fervor is an admirable trait in the eyes of CT-7997, recklessness and poor management of resources greatly upsets him.

212th Attack Battalion Edit

Nino's loyalty is heavily aligned with the 212th, and the troopers of his original squad, notably; Blitz, Sean, Chatterbox, Buck, Jayrock, and Blaster. A majority of Nino's combat experience was under the command of Commander Cody, which garnered a deep respect between the two. Overall, Nino shows a strong bias of favoritism for the personnel and tactics of the battalion due to his deep rooted experience while serving with the 212th.

Promotion to Attack Regimental Commander Edit

At the rank of Captain, Nino was sworn in as the 3rd Attack Regimental Commander of the Valkyrie Venator, narrowly winning the nomination 17-13 by the command and staff, and was tasked with the training and efficiency of the attack battalions on the ship. Nino directly requested the immediate transfer and promotion of 2nd Lieutenant CT-0118 "Guts" of the 21st Nova Corps to the 212th to act as a Captain, and Executive Officer of the battalion.

While acting as the Attack Regimental Commander, Nino attempted to integrate the attack battalions and employ them as one combined-arms element, typically with with a main, supporting, and reserve element in order to out-maneuver and overwhelm the enemy. Another priority was strengthening the bond between the respective battalions to achieve increased cohesion, as well as establish a mutual respect.

Operation Pepperoni Edit

During an intense urban battle against a local trandoshan militia, where the enemy utilized guerrilla tactics and booby traps in the dense sprawl against the clones. Nino was apart of the main effort in the heart of the city. After hours of building-to-building clearing operations, the Coruscant Guard captured the leader of the resistance, a trandoshan warlord that was escorted to the Valkyrie Venator to stand trial.

Upon return to the command bridge mission debrief, Nino demanded that the orchestrator of the insurgency should be killed without trial, stating, "the clones that died in a myriad of horrific ways on that smog-covered rock serves as enough evidence for execution". Although a few clone commanders expressed similar interest, the notion was denied by the Admiral and staff, further adding to Nino's discontent of the command.

Once the debrief was concluded, Nino secretly called a gathering of all attack battalion non-commissioned officers and fire team leaders deep within the bowels of the ship's engine room, giving a brief of a plan outlined "Operation Pepperoni". This plan is believed to have multiple phases, many of which have yet to still be carried out. Operation Pepperoni was classified as "Top Secret", with an explicit need-to-know basis, and was not to be disseminated to any officers, naval staff, or Jedi.

Execution of Operation Pepperoni Edit

Through a break in radio chatter on board the Venator, Nino intercepted a conversation between Commander Fox and 1st Lieutenant Braxton of the Courscant Guard, who was responsible for the protection of the trandoshan warlord before his trial. Braxton was ordered transfer to the POW from the brig, across the landing bay, and then to the command bridge to stand trial. Nino immediately organized a squad of riflemen under the command of Sergeant Preacher from 1st Company, 212th Attack Battalion to set up ambush positions from inside of the docked LAATs in the landing bay, establishing two interlocking fields of fire that covered the entirety of the landing bay and moonpool. Nino later joined the sergeant at the ambush site, admiring Preacher's mutual hatred of the alien race that killed thousands of troopers across the galaxy.

While many battalions were staged near the moonpool conducting pre-deployment checks, Nino observed the security detail of Courscant guard escorting the trandoshan through the dimmed cockpit of the LAAT, passing the order to ready weapons to the rest of the squad.

As the security detail passed through the middle of the landing bay the yell of, "PEPPERONI...PEPPERONI...PEPPERONI..." echoed in the ears of the guard detail, and immediately a single shot rang out from Peacekeeper, which struck the trandoshan in face, killing him instantly. Lieutenant Braxton, infuriated and dazed in the confusion ordered the Coruscant Guard to fire on the origin of the shot, believing it to be saboteurs. In retaliation, the second fire team began firing at the security detail from behind, killing 5 of the 6 guards, with Lieutenant Braxton narrowly escaping behind a nearby supply crate. A distress signal was transmitted to the Venator, raising its alert status to DEFCON 2.

As the alarms were raised, clones reported to their battle stations within the landing bay, and upon seeing the slain Coruscant Guard, began firing at both fire teams. Surrounded and pinned down, Nino and a few clones from the first fire team moved into another nearby LAAT to take cover and return suppressing fire. Alone and in a last ditch effort to ensure the escape of the remaining squad, Sergeant Preacher began firing the LAAT's guns into the clones assembled in the landing bay, buying time for the squad to escape into space through the open moonpool. In a selfless act of courage, Sergeant Preacher crashed his LAAT into the landing buy, causing an explosion that temporarily decommissioned the landed ARC-170 fighters, ensuring the squad would not be pursued.

[TOP SECRET] Current Occupation and Recent Activity Edit

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬START OF REPORT▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

The current location of CT-7997 is unknown at this time. Clone intelligence links him to an insider threat event where two 212th privates conducted a suicide attack with thermal detonators, killing 40 clones and destroying a LAAT. As well as sporadic insurgencies that have arose on the Valkyrie Venator including but not limited to: sabotage of the command bridge and engine rooms, ▬▬▬REDACTED▬▬▬, fratricide, communications jamming, ▬▬▬REDACTED▬▬▬, and LAAT hijackings.

CT-7997's primary motive is most likely discontent with the interests of the Galactic Republic, primarily the Senate and Navy, but is still loyal to the Clone Army and Jedi Order.

It is assessed that CT-7997 is located ▬▬▬REDACTED▬▬▬ remotely leading a sleeper cell within the Venator with the remnants of the 212th still loyal to him, and conscripting rogue troopers in order to continue the disruption of operations.

CT-7997 is guilty of high treason, and is categorized as "Kill or Capture on Sight". It is critical to be wary of fellow troopers who may be CT-7997 himself in disguise, or followers of him among the Venator. Any additional information in regards to his location or activities is to be directly reported to the Coruscant Gaurd or the Admiral by order of the Valkyrie Venator.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬END OF REPORT▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

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