Early Life Edit

CT-5901, was born on Kamino. He followed the growth of any other clone trooper of his time.

Keeli Company Edit

91st Recon Edit

Gunman's Fate Edit

His fate as of now is unknown. After witnessing the deaths of his brothers: Commander Keo, Colonel Cloud, and Master Sergeant Bot, his mental state deteriorated. He began to hallucinate and lose focus in battle. In one battle on Tatooine he managed to break away from Lightning Squad. At that point he was never found again in the mission and was considered MIA. It is suspected that he was captured by the CIS and tortured for information. Many years later he was seen by civilians in Tatooine with his heavily damaged armor and discolored details. By the time republic officials reached the supposed location of CT-5901 he was no where to be found.

Equipment Edit

Armor -  CT-5901 wore an ARF uniform with a skirt and detailing on his armor.

DE-10 - His most used weapon, he was always an excellent shot so using a revolver like this was perfect for him.

Republic Sniper - When the DE-10 was not usable or suitable for the situation he would fall back to his sniper. Being an excellent shot he was always able to pick his targets and take them out with ease.

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