Ani Raco was a former Jedi Padawan during the Age of Republic. For most of her life as a child she spent her days on Hi-Ro, where she would soon be enslaved by the Mandolorian terrorist group, Deathwatch. She would soon escape finding her way to the Jedi Archives Training Academy where she would discover her force sensitivity. Training on a Temple in the Alderaan System, Ani rose to the rank of Padawan, offically being assigned to Master Shaak Ti as her teacher.

Later in her career Ani would be used as a vessel for the long dead sith lord Darth Phobos after a ritual on her home planet of Hi-Ro. The sith lord would soon attempt to take control of Ani's body, using it to commit murders around the temple. Her actions would be soon found out, leading her to be tried and imprisoned on one of the Republic's max security prisons. This event would lead to Ani's anger towards the order and her former allies, as the actions of Darth Phobos were not her own.

During the Clone Wars, the prison would be attacked leading to several prisoners escaping including Ani. Tormented by the voice of Darth Phobos, Ani would meet a member of the separatist origination Dooku's Advisors, Van Kliess. He would take the scared Ani and take her own as his apprentice, removing Darth Phobos from her mind using ancient sith techniques. Ani would be used a Kliess' personal assistant, helping him in any work he needed to be done for his lord Count Dooku. Ani would be kept secret to the Advisor's and Dooku until Kliess' final days.

During a mission to Antar 4, Ani would reunite with her former Master, Shaak Ti, who would return her from the Dark Side of The Force and turning her into the High Council of Coreuscant. Suggested by Shaak Ti, Ani would be put into exile on Felucia where she would learn ways to combat her anger and fear with a jungle Felucian tribe.

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