Description Edit

The Ailon Nova Guard, also known as the Nova Guard, are a Republic supporting mercenary group with its own planet and government. It is possibly one of the largest mercenary groups in the galaxy, with history reaching as far as 13,000 BBY. With a government centralized around its military generals forming a council under the High Marshal, it has been hired by the Republic on large scale planet-wide campaigns on several occasions. The Ailon Nova Guard has also been known for stationing much smaller groups with the Grand Army of the Republic on much smaller contracts.

The Valkyrie Battlegroup Edit

Early Involvement Edit

A company of Nova Guard soldiers were established in the Valkyrie Battlegroup as bodyguards for troopers and infantry surplus for missions. On one occasion the Valkyrie Venator's Nova Guard was able to put down a fellow Nova Guard company's attempt at an insurrection, of course with the assistance of the Valkyrie Venator's infantry and armored forces. The Nova Guard would join the Valkyrie Venator's forces on Anaxes, stationed at the housing facility given to them by Anaxes Base Operations.

Collapse of Command Edit

The Nova Guard company stationed with the Valkyrie ground forces had a group of officers that all eventually disappeared from a series of events. With a lack of leadership among the Nova Guard, many members formed smaller groups to push forward internal agendas and individuals to take the mantle of Nova Guard. Ambitions to do so were too slow to make worth action, leaving the Nova Guard without leadership.

Purge of Dissidence Edit

With a lack of leadership, the Ailon Nova Guard were to be disassembled. Especially since dissident Nova Guard had started to violate the contract terms made with the Republic. Many did not report in to missions or base defenses, leaving only a small group still dedicated to their duties. Vaskr Koz, the newly contracted Mercenary Commander at the time, sought to clear the rebelling Nova Guard. Many turned hostile in response to the Mercenary Commander settling their contract, on the way to ending it in agreement with an official representing the Ailon Marshallate. With contract terms violated, Vaskr Koz was able to 'clean the slate'. The last of the Nova Guard still performing their contracts would be transferred to Ailon to be reassigned to a new station or be on standby.

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